Cryptocurrency DASH, listed on Huobi.Pro on November 9th, expands its market share in China


DASH is a decentralized cryptocurrency. Compared with Bitcoin, DASH has new designs of consensus mechanism, transaction confirmation and anonymous transaction, which make DASH a unique digital asset. Its InstantSend technology makes DASH more suitable for payment scenarios, suggested by Huobi Blockchain Application Research Institution., headquartered in Singapore, is a global leading digital asset exchange, that provides service to global professional investors. 

In an announcement on October 31, Huobi stated that it has established offices in Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong and mainland China. Subsidiaries include Huobi.Pro, an innovative digital asset exchange for global professional investors; Huobi Korea, a digital asset exchange trading in Korean won; Huobi China, a professional integrated information and research service provider; and Huobi Wallet, which is committed to providing users with digital asset management services around the world.

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SOURCE Huobi Technology PTE. LTD.


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