I created a simple application that will utilize your system idle time to mine Monero (xpost /r/MoneroMining) : Monero


Monero Idle Miner is a console application that utilizes your system idle time to mine Monero.
Out-of-the-box it works directly with the xmr-stak miner but users are able to easily swap this out for any other miner they prefer.

Monero Idle Miner is completely free and I don’t take away any of your hash rate (no fees!).


I utilize all my resources to get those extra Kh/s whenever possible.
As I work from home, my problem with this is that I do a lot of work on my main desktop and additional virtual web servers.
I don’t want the miners to slow me down so I don’t run them when I’m working on my system.
But when I don’t I have to manually run and close the miners each time I use or don’t use them.
I take bathroom or lunch breaks, move on another pc or I go to sleep. All while my systems are sitting idle.
It’s time-consuming to launch or close the miners every single time.
This is why I created this wrapper that does the work for you.

The miner will run only if you aren’t using your computer (user isn’t moving their mouse or typing anything on the keyboard) and will shut down as soon as you get back.

This has been very useful for me and I thought it might be useful for you guys too.

Depending on the feedback I get I might add extra requested functionality as per your request.
I also started working on a one-click UI miner (literally download, run the application, click start and you are good to go) which should simplify
the mining experience for new miners.

Download URL: https://github.com/bbrez1/MoneroIdleMiner/releases

Setting this up is pretty simple but if you need instructions you can find them here: https://github.com/bbrez1/MoneroIdleMiner

Full source code is up on Github and the xmr-stak miner is an unmodified version of their latest miner.

Note: The way this is setup you could potentially also use this application to launch miners for any other cryptocurrency.

If anyone really finds this useful I would appreciate any kind of donation you can make. Will surely motivate me to push out updates and work on other related software.

Donation address: 477eueNFFttThg9BRrGQqjAicWzX45trsYXS3PMv1wfPJ5ct2YvsPTcBNww815hpkxRjs78acfx4mA9HSo95cC1SQf4LHjh

Edit: Currently works on Windows only, but I can port to Linux or Mac if requested.


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