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After reading a number of these posts this morning, I felt the need to chime in.

I’ve personally known many very wealthy people in my life – Some that made their money all at once, some over time, quite a few that inherited it. The way they made their money range from either being business owners, investors, or just plain luck.

First off, even if you have $10 million, guess what, you can burn through that very damn fast. So get it out of your head that if you got a major windfall from BTC that magically your done for life. Cashflow is actually way more important than anything when it comes to wealth. Even a number of poorly placed financial decisions can evaporate a great deal of wealth.

I know, off the top of my head, 2 different couples that both burned through a lot of money, one $10 million, other $8.5 million – one did it in less than 7 years. One couple got divorced over the money. Today, one spouse now working as a bank teller and the other as an insurance agent. They’ve told me they still find it hard to believe they had so much money and that now they’re doing a job that pays $50k/yr.

I know another person that’s worth over $100 million, he says that he envy’s the workers in his office with modest means. His wife cares only about the money and his kids are the same way. Holidays and family gatherings he spends alone.

Are all rich and/or wealthy people this way? No, but I will say, the money will not fix your personal problems or just all of a sudden make you and those around you happier. Why do you think many rich and wealthy continue working and earning? Because it’s boring as shit to sit around all day.

You know what I think is more important than money? Health, purpose, meaningful relationships and just doing good for yourself and your family. It’d be great to taste the sweet rich life that we’re told we should want, but life is so much more than that.

Money does not define who you are. If you don’t have regrets in life then you’ve been sleeping the whole time. Learn to get over it quickly. Don’t underestimate yourself and push yourself in life. You may just wake up and find you have the wealth you desired, with the skills necessary to retain it.

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