I challenge EthTrader to be Gentlemen this holiday season. : ethtrader

Crypto is incredible. It really is. And I love being part of this space. But I think it would be a magnificent thing if we refocused just for a second away from lambos and turned our attention towards something that can really make a difference on a smaller level for someone we may never know.

Every year my wife and I pick out a charity on Amazon and donate toys using some of the money we would have spent on each other. I challenge you, EthTrader, the most Gentlemen of subreddits, to do the same. It doesn’t have to be huge. We’ve had years where we could only do $20 each. But I think doing this is worth more than any dollar amount could be. And I know, man- a lot of you guys have families you gotta provide for and your own kids to look after, and I get it. That’s ok. But all it would take is you not buying that case of beer one weekend and you can make this difference.

And it doesn’t even have to be a children’s hospital- just any charity, any item they have listed. I know when I was a kid one year all I got for Christmas was donated items, and almost a decade later when I finally thought back about it and realized what had happened, it hit me on such a personal level that a complete stranger took the time and spent the money to make sure I got toys for Christmas.

If we start now, we can get some of the stuff to these kids before Christmas actually arrives.

To do it, just go to Amazon, and under “Account and Lists”, click “Find a List or Registry”. Search for something. Anything. And make it happen.

Please make sure you pick the Charity’s shipping address and not your own lol

I just think that if this can be gentlemen for us, then we can make a this is for someone else for just a minute or two, as well.

This year we picked a children’s shelter.

Thank you, Gentlemen.

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